Key Staff

As a small company, we like knowing who we’re dealing with. You probably do too. So here we are, putting a face to an otherwise unknown name.

South Carolina

Our original facility and corporate headquarters, most of our administrative staff is located in North Charleston, SC.

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Master Blender
  • VP Sales
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Simon Burch

Simon Burch


No stranger to the spirits industry, Simon has more than fifteen years of experience having worked with some of the world’s most prestigious and recognized brands. As CEO of Terressentia, he will oversee current day-to-day operations as well as leading the development of new business opportunities domestically and abroad.

Favorite Cocktail: Old Fashioned, with Kentucky Bourbon, of course

  • Don Tracy

    Don Tracy


    Don has served as CFO for a number of public and private companies, recently joining us from a large company that produces premium ingredients for the spirits industry. So he knows accounting…and alcohol.

    Favorite Cocktail: Gin Rickey

  • Norma Lindsay

    Norma Lindsay

    Master Blender

    Norma makes the rest of the team look good by ensuring everything tastes right. Its a tough job, but someones got to do it. A former pastry chef, she’s been here from the start.

    Favorite Cocktail: Miller High Life

  • Susie Garvin

    Susie Garvin

    VP of Sales

    Although she has never sold ice to eskimos per se, Susie brokered relationships in many other sectors prior to joining the team in 2010. Now she spends her time taking customers to fancy restaurants–and ensuring the rest of us know exactly what she ordered.

    Favorite Cocktail: Specialty Gin and hard-to-find tonic


Our first traditional distillery operation, the O.Z. Tyler® Distillery in Owensboro, KY is our latest acquisition.

Jacob Call

Jacob Call

Master Distiller
Operations Manager

A third generation bourbon distiller, Jacob likes to impress people with fancy words like “rickhouse” and “mashbill.” Ever since he joined us in 2014, he’s been searching for those elusive “honey barrels.”

Favorite Cocktail: Old Fashioned