The patented TerrePURE® process is a carefully controlled application of ultrasonic energy, heat, oxygen, and other factors designed to dramatically improve the quality and taste of a wide range of distilled spirits.

It works by removing harsh-tasting impurities (“congeners“) present in all spirits, revealing the pleasant taste and aroma of the underlying distillate.

Clear Spirits

In spirits such as vodkas, gins, rums, and tequila, the result is a more pleasant aroma, reduced alcoholic “burn” or “bite,” and much better mouth feel.

Brown Spirits

For brown spirits, such as bourbon and other traditionally-aged whiskeys, the result is a rapid maturation that would otherwise take 4-6 years.

Take a deeper dive into TerrePURE®

The TerrePURE® process is complex and deserves much more than a few simple sentences describing it. Visit our microsite below to take a closer look at the science behind the process.

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