Our patented TerrePURE® technology is a natural process that has been independently proven to reduce unwanted, harsh-tasting congeners, revealing a smoother, more sophisticated spirit in the process.

It does this more effectively than previously used, traditional methods by using ultrasonic energy. Applied with oxygenation after standard distillation, TerrePURE® finishes chemical reactions that failed to complete in the fermentation stage.

The proof of this process is obvious the first time you taste our spirits. TerrePURE® reduces several known congeners (such as methanol, isobutanol, amyl alcohols, propanol, and free radicals) to a greater degree than any other industry method. In addition to this reduction of congeners, our TerrePURE® technology also induces a conversion of certain harsh-tasting acids to smooth-tasting esters (glycerides). This conversion produces a spirit with a much smoother mouth-feel and dramatically enhanced taste and flavor.

Clear Spirits

In spirits such as vodkas, gins, rums, and tequila, the result is a more pleasant aroma, reduced alcoholic “burn” or “bite,” and much better mouth feel.

Brown Spirits

For brown spirits, such as bourbon and other traditionally-aged whiskeys, the result is a rapid filtration that results in taste and quality levels that would otherwise take 4-6 years.

Since our technology eliminates the need for extensive barrel aging or multiple distillation, it transforms ordinary spirits into ultra-premium quality spirits in a significantly faster, more efficient, and lower cost way. This directly translates into a lower product cost for retailers and brand owners, not to mention offering end consumers a significantly higher value proposition.

TerrePURE® produces a smooth, sophisticated spirit at attractive pricing, that consumers prefer