Privacy Policy

This policy covers all electronic communications Terressentia may have with its customers, partners, affiliates, or other interested parties. These communications include things such as emails, website interactions, and much more.


Terressentia Corporation pledges to use any information it may collect from outside parties as we would treat our own personal information: in the most responsible and privacy-centric way possible.


  1. We prefer not to store any information about you (not that you’re not interesting, we just have other things to attend to)
  2. If we need to store any information about you (like your email address, if you submit a contact request form), we will do our best to limit the information we store to the things we need to conduct business in today’s modern world. What information we do store will be done so using only the most reasonable methods and security procedures we know to ensure that your information does not become public
  3. If we must transfer any of your information to a third party in the normal course of business, we will do so only if they too agree to similar privacy principles as those outlined here
  4. We will not offer your information for sale
  5. If we can anonymize your information without it hindering the reason you gave it to us in the first place, we will make every reasonable effort to do so
  6. We will not send you spam or unsolicited emails, use your phone number for pre-recorded sales calls, or sign you up for free viagra offers–no matter how great a deal they may seem
  7. If you ask us not to contact you again, via this email address, we will respect your wishes

Fine Print

In full disclosure, we may collect information on how you interact with our website and/or email content via cookies or other methods, but this information will be governed by the previously stated pledge. We are a company of good people trying to do good things and wish not to upset you while reaching our goals.